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tv   America Live  FOX News  March 1, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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across half a dozen states dig out from a vicious tornado outbreak that has killed at least a dozen people so far. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. you are looking at stunning new images that have just come into the fox newsroom of the storm's aftermath. harrisburg, illinois, perhaps the hardest hit of all. just look at that woman touching a bike. all you see around her is chaos. entire blocks of homes flattened in the blink of an eye. jay lynner ferrell, among those killed, here you see her mother patty overby e motion. she was just 22 years old. this is all that's left of st. joseph's catholic church. it side for 140 years, and these are just a few of the incredible stories we are hearing about today. meteorologist janice dean on the new threat that is brewing,
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trace gallagher on the deaf station in -- devastation in other states. >> reporter: everywhere you look there's another visual example of the force of this storm. this is a delivery truck, and the catch is where i'm standing two days ago was inside of an appliance store. this appliance store was part of the strip mall you see behind me that was pretty solid construction, wood frame, stone facade, didn't stand a chance with 170 mile-an-hour winds. pretty much this whole strip mall was a direct hit, and most of this is gone. you see some of the places, 100, 200 yards away that are partially standing, but all of this stuff just was wrecked by the force of this storm. and i want to bring in crystal reilly. you endured this storm overnight. you were in your apartment building, and now half of that is wrecked. where were you? >> i was on burnett the street, i just moved here recently.
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>> reporter: what did you hear? >> i was upstairs with my daughter and my niece, and all of a sudden it sounded like a jet plane right near your -- >> reporter: did you hear the siren, the warnings? >> no. there was no sirens until after it already hit us. >> reporter: she wants to keep playing with the microphone. i'm glad she's doing so well. do you have a place to go tonight? >> i've been staying at my mother's house. her house didn't get hit, so we were able to stay there. >> reporter: you went where, to the closet, right? >> yes. my husband came upstairs and got my daughter and i and my niece, and by the time we got downstairs, the apartment complex was already shaking, you could hear everything around us breaking. it was crazy. >> reporter: i'm glad to see you're doing well, well enough to keep playing with the microphone. but everyone out here, megyn, is watching tonight. people are going to sleep with one eye open because of that prediction that more storms are on the way, and this country -- part of the country is right on the bull's eye.
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megyn: incredible new video of the destruction in other states. kansas, missouri and tennessee right now in a massive clean-up effort. we go right now to trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with more. >> reporter: we see all these devastating pictures across the midwest, and we are hearing the heart-rending stories of the people inside those homes and inside those businesses. in harveyville, kansas, half the town, as you may know, was destroyed or damaged, that's near topeka. one person was killed. this, by the way, is the home of the norton family. their daughter is handicapped. she was alone inside her room, and her mother kept idealing yo grab -- yelling go grab her. her father ran to a room and jumped on top of her right when the roof collapsed. listen now to her dad. >> i pulled her out from under it, we went down in the basement, then all the water starts running through the floor
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and flooding the basement. so we came out through the cellar door and noticed the church was all gone. >> i just wanted to cry. i was just so thankful. >> and remember, harveyville was hit in the middle of the night without any warning sirens at all because the national weather service never issued a tornado warning. here's the weather service trying to explain why. >> it was likely on the ground for two or three minutes. moving at of 0 mile -- 60 miles an hour. that's what makes these so difficult to spot, for people to see and, as a result, also to warn for. >> reporter: in branson, missouri, we talk a lot about the main street there, the theaters, the famous music theaters being hit x they were badly damaged as you look at the pictures. but behind those theaters there were dozens of homes also damaged and destroyed including a trailer park that was almost totally destroyed. two people there were killed. here's a resident who was inside his home when the soad struck.
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tornado struck. >> we're going to get crushed. that's what i thought. the ceiling tiles were coming down, i thought the i-beams were going to come down on us next. scary. >> reporter: and would you look at the damage in cumberland, tennessee, this is in the center part of the state there. look, this is nighttime video. in the day it gets even worse. trucks damaged, houses collapsed. there were 50 homes in all destroyed, two people killed, many, many more were injured. you look at the whole picture, megyn, we're talking about six states that were hit by tornadoes, some 26 tornadoes in a matter of hours, and many of those people as you see the destruction had little, if any, warning at all. megyn: and little, if any, chance when you look at the devastation that was coming their way. trace, thank you. forecasters warning now that the threat is not yet over. another round of severe weather is expected in areas already hit hard by these tornadoes.
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meteorologist janice dean has that part of the story live in our foxwet center. >> reporter: the national weather service wants to make sure everyone knows there is the potential for severe weather on the way from the web site, a notable severe weather outbreak forecast for tomorrow across the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley, severe storms capable of producing winds of 75 miles per hour and long-lived, significant tornadoes. this is over the last 48 hours. you can see those destructive lines of storms moving eastward across the tennessee, the ohio river valley, the mississippi river valley. and almost the same setup that we saw wednesday is going to happen on friday into saturday. but if you can believe it, we have actually stronger dynamics that could give us long-lasting, large, destructive tornadoes, perhaps affecting a larger portion of the country, if you can believe that. so 9 p.m. friday night in the overnight hours another round of nocturnal tornadoes possible.
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you need to have your noaa weather radios. if you don't have one, you need to go get one. they're $20, $25. grab one because they could save your life. one of the ingredients that we look at here is the warmer that average temperatures across the south and the cooler air to the north, all of those ingredients coming together, those severe weather ingredients for possibly another, more devastating perhaps severe weather outbreak friday into saturday. finish people need to be on alert. megyn: janice, thank you. lots of other news going on today as well including this. president obama scheduled toed to speak in new hampshire within the next hour x then he travels on to four separate fundraiser before the night is out. that will mark 100 fundraisers for this in just this election cycle. wendell goler has more. >> reporter: that is twice as many fundraisers as george w. bush had attended at this point
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in his presidency. but remember, 2004 was before the supreme court's citizens united decision unleashed super pacs on the presidential selection process. the money fight this year will pit the obama campaign which has collection limits but has raised far more than his republican challengers against republican super pacs which have no collection limits and have far, far outpaced the obama super pac. in fact, the obama super pac the president had to grudgingly give it his blessing after saying super pacs were a threat to democracy itself because they don't have to disclose their donors. meanwhile, republicans are sharply attacking his campaign schedule. the republican national committee ad compares the president's 100 fundraisers with 31 vacation -- 21 vacation days and says while he was fundraising we added $1.2 trillion to the national debt, and the average price of gasoline increased to $3.73. house speaker john boehner last month took a similar swipe.
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>> the president checked out last labor day and has been unengaged if in leading our -- in leading our country ever since. it's been a one nonstop campaign trip after another. >> reporter: that's the republican response to the do-nothing label that the white house has pinned on republicans in congress with the understanding that, um, even though parties say they want to reach bipartisan agreements this year, the voters will decide in november which side, if either, is telling the truth. megyn: wendell, thank you. well, new fallout today from the accidental quran burnings in afghanistan. first, riots and deaths s and now the united nations, the same organization that could not at first get its act together to meaningfully condemn syria's massacre of it own people now wants to see prosecution and penalties for the american troops involved in this
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accidental quran burning. that story is right after this break. plus, two days after telling congress his department is not looking to lower gas prices, he explicitly answered, no, if that was the goal. the president's energy secretary is back on capitol hill, and wait until you hear what he had to say today. and a teacher moves in with a student less than half his age. and if you think that's a bad thing, wait until you hear the rest of their story. >> it's, again, one of those things that we didn't look for, it just kind of happened. there would be nothing to arrest me on. there was no relationship before she was 18. there's a lot of rumors going on. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey. this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. i take the stuff everywhere. exactly. everyone's more energized, more alert.
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been defiled, reportedly, by terrorist detainees and were disposed of in the wake of that. they weren't supposed to be burned, we are being told that was an accident by our troops. our president has apologized, and the murders continue in the wake of this. now the united nations is joining the afghanistan president hamid karzai on calling on the u.s. military to take action against the soldiers involved in getting rid of those qurans. listen to this guy. >> my only, indeed, request is that after the first step, very important step, profound apology there must be the second step, drawing the consequences after the investigation will be completed. be and, indeed, appropriate disciplinary action. after such a disciplinary action, the international military forces would be able to
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say, yes, we are sincere. megyn: joining me on the phone now, lieutenant colonel oliver north who's the host of "war stories" on fox news, and kt mcfarlane, host of's "def con 3." lieutenant colonel north, very quick apparently -- yawn -- to call for the united states to prosecute its soldiers for an accident. >> yeah. this is the, this is the secretary general's personal representative to afghanistan. this is the same united nations that's going to give a free pass to bashar assad to get him out of syria with no prosecutions for the horrendous crimes against humanity they conducted, they did the same thing with saleh down in yemen. it's unconscionable that the united nations to be calling for the prosecution and disciplinary
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action against any american out there -- particularly under these circumstances -- when they're not even calling for the prosecution of the people who have killed americans over the course of the last five days. megyn: that's the thing. this guy who was so quick for us to condemn our own soldiers, nowhere in his statement that we saw did he ask for, did he want an apology from hamid karzai or anybody else for the murder of you are troops that had nothing to do -- our troops -- >> i'm sure kt agrees with this, the idea that the apology from this commander in the chief, he now claims it's calmed things down. does he still feel that way today after two more americans are dead? i find this whole thing, this prospect that the united states which, by the way, was destroying those records from detainees, i mean, you had accurately stated just a few moments ago, megyn, when you said it was accidental. it was accidental. and the expectation that those
1:17 pm
qurans would check, codewords in them were being passed from one detainee to another. what would we do with those documents? i have to grant you that it was not wise to do it in the presence of foreign nationals, but that kind of thing happens all the time with documents that might be used to pass codes for people to carry out other attacks. it was a mistake to do it the way it was done. for this president to have apologized and now claim it's calmed things down, outrageous. megyn: kt, what is this? is this a sign of hubris by this u.n. representative in afghanistan? he's so quick to condemn these u.s. soldiers. we have been told it's an accident. maybe we assume too much. might he be right that more needs to be done to send a message? >> okay. when does this statement come? after president obama apologizes. president obama should have on the phone with karzai saying i want an investigation into why you after ten years and hundreds
1:18 pm
of billions of dollars and u.s. lives and blood and treasure, why you cannot keep your streets clean, why you cannot keep your streets safe, why people can go into the heart of your government and have a gun and a pistol and put it to the back of an american soldier's head and execute him. megyn: that is what just happened. >> that is just what's happened. the result of president obama apologizing, what's now happened is it has ramped things up. now everybody's going to pile on. now the united nations is going to pile on. why? because, i think, because it's a whole pattern of apologizing on bended knee to countries who don't respect this. megyn: who is this jan? >> he is the personal representative of the secretary general of the united states. he's in afghanistan. incidentally, i'd like to know who's providing his personal security. my guess is it's the united states, or it's nato. so who is he thankful for that he's not getting a bullet in the
1:19 pm
back of his head? megyn: way to have our back because what this guy went on to say was we, we at the united nations, we weren't the ones who desecrated the holy quran, then he went on to say we were very hurt that the international military allowed the desecration. we rejected and condemn this act. it doesn't matter that it was a mistake. colonel north, i mean, when you hear this by this guy who's supposed to be representing the united nations, what should we be saying to the u.n. in response to in this. >> once again, this is the united nations that has been anti-american for decades. and what you see is further evidence of this. he is the person, as kt just said, personal representative of ban ki-moon in afghanistan, he's the senior u.n. official on the ground out there, and this is the direct consequence of a commander in chief, head of state, chief executive of the united states who is going running around the world now for the last three years apologizing for america. and it's an outrage that what we've got now is the u.n.
1:20 pm
condemning us instead of those who are doing the killing. megyn: kt, general jack keen was on this program, and he's very well respected, and he said it was the right thing for president obama to apologize because he said we need today try to acknowledge the unusual outrage that this culture has when the quran is desecrated by burning by our soldiers. and that it was necessary just to tamp things down. this was before all the violence unfolded. is there an argument to be made that president obama needed to do this, and the u.n. should be calling for this just to assuage to some extext the outrage that's taking place over there perhaps to safe more lives? >> yes and no. i really respect general keane, but you could have accomplished that apology at a far lower level. you didn't have to put the president of the united states on bended knee to apologize to the of afghans. america's a paper tiger, if we get mad and angry and go to the streets for america, america's
1:21 pm
going the retreat. we've got to understand the fact that we've probably -- militarily we may have won this war, but diplomatically and politically we may have lost this war, and the tragedy will be if we have to shoot our way out of there. megyn: the statement from this representative of the united nations which, again, essentially, the first time around gave syria a pass when asked for, you know, an enforcement of regime change. kt, thank you. colonel, thank you too. we're going to take a closer look at president obama's statement. he spoke to abc news last night saying he thinks his apology for the quran burnings, quote, calmed things down a bit. we'll go live to afghanistan at the top of our hour to see how the situation is developing there today. well, iran's leaders are not backing down when it comes to their nuclear program, but is the international pressure to stop it working? we'll get some brand new insight from a former cia operative in iran's elite revolutionary
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megyn: new developments today on a trip that brought new meaning to the phrase cruise from hell. the costa allegra cruise ship caught fire and lost power three days ago. the name should sound familiar, it's the same cruise line that drove a ship onto a reef off the italian coast a couple of weeks back. conditions on the ship quickly deteriorated after the fire x that meant days with to hot food or working bathrooms. it also cut off air-conditioning sending temperatures indoors to 110 degrees forcing passengers to sleep out on the deck. greg burke is live with more in rome. hi, greg. >> reporter: megyn, what a
1:26 pm
nightmare. you know, the odyssey is finally over, or almost anyway. at least they're on dry land now, but some people will be saying in the say shels, others taking off to try to get back home as we speak. take your pick of problem on this ship. more than a thousand people onboard and, first of all, there was the fear factor, especially because this was a costa ship, and they had that earlier accident which 32 people died. there was some worry about pirates there in the indian education, but passengers -- ocean, but passengers are saying the biggest problem was more mundane, no toilets that flushed. when the fire hit, the electricity went out, so that meant no air-conditioning, no running water. no running water, of course, means problems with sanitation, both showers and toilets. but heat for many passengers was also a major problem. >> the heat is immense. we could not stay in our cabins for long periods of time, you're talking about temperatures of maybe 110-120 degrees. >> now, costa cruises is facing
1:27 pm
a big battle here trying to rebuild it image after both of these disasters, they're just trying to make this as good as possible. they're offering money back, flights out but also an offer to stay there if they want to stay in the seychelles, they can stay for two weeks in a luxury hotel. more than 400 people have picked up that deal. but it looks like really whether or not they accept that or they're heading home, what they're really looking for is a hot shower and probably a hot meal. they had no hot meals the whole time, it wasn't exactly gourmet cooking. megyn: nor the dream vacation many certainly assumed it would be. greg burke, thank you. well, big news today involving the president's energy secretary. controversy has been building since he told congressmen tuesday his department is not looking to lower gas prices. >> but is the overall goal to get our price -- >> to, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil,
1:28 pm
to build and strengthen our economy. megyn: wait until you hear what he had to say this morning. and the president's re-election team ramping up a war of words. we at fox news, we have an exclusive now on a new campaign letter that two republican fundraisers call false and misleading. wait until you hear what the president's re-election team is doing now to some private citizens. and a relationship now getting national attention. this california teacher answering allegations of abuse after walking out on his job and his family and his home for a very young girlfriend. who was his student. >> there was some facebooking that was done by her mom that, i mean, she's got 500 friends, and she basically said forward this to everyone you know, and it was a pack of lies. and it was not true. there is no truth to what her opinion is. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
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1:33 pm
in europe. fast forward to this past tuesday, now he is the energy secretary. by the way, this was a big deal when he went through his confirmation process. now he is a secretary. the remarks come unagain as secretary chu is being questioned on capitol hill. >> is the overall goal to yet our price -- >> no, the overall goal is to build and strengthen our economy and decrease our dependency on oil. we think that if you consider all these policies including energy efficiency, you know, we think that we can go a long way to becoming less dependent on oil and will help the american economy and the american consumers. megyn: is the question was is the overall goal to get gas prices down, and the answer was, no. yesterday ed henry questioned the white house press secretary about that exchange. here's how it went. >> does the white house agree with secretary chu's testimony
1:34 pm
on the hill yesterday that the overall goal of the president's energy policy is not to lower gas prices? >> i'm not aware of that statement or the characterization that you give it. megyn: steven who? but today when repeatedly questioned by lawmakers about his position on gas prices, obviously, it made a lot of headlines, there was a rather dramatic change from secretary chu. listen here. >> do you still agree with your statement back in 2008 somehow, and i quote: somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in europe? do you agree with your statement you made in 2008, or have you changed your mind, yes or no? >> we are working, i am working to decrease the price with whatever tools -- >> secretary chu, do you stand by your statement, yes or no, in 2008? >> i do not want to raise the price of gasoline. i want to lower the price of gasoline. megyn: well, all of this comes as president obama travels to the crucial battleground state
1:35 pm
of new hampshire to give a speech about energy. we watched him do exactly that about a week ago. he just began his remarkses, by the way. he's expected to call for the elimination of tax breaks for big oil. you can see it streaming live. but right now we are joined by leslie marshall, fox news contributor, and lars larson, also a syndicated radio host with compass media they cans. so you've got to laugh a little, who? i don't know -- what, i don't know what you're talking about. [laughter] do you really believe the white house didn't know that secretary chu testified his goal was not to get gas price down? i'll start with you on it, lars. >> they know nothing. they've covered their ears and said we don't know thinking, we've never heard that. of course, megyn, reasonably, i can't wait to see leslie chew on this one. [laughter] consistent with the -- i know, i know. this is consistent with the administration's statements all along. ray lahood says we will not favor motorized transportation
1:36 pm
over nonmotorized. they want with us back in donkey carts. the president has said he wants to see gas prices go up, just do it gradually, and be chu wants to see us paying what europe pays. it's all consistent, and all of a sudden the white house doesn't know anything about it? what a joke, leslie. megyn: leslie, what was your reaction? we saw jay carney, what? we don't know whether it was truthful or wasn't, but the next day secretary chu's out there saying i want to lower the gas prices. forget i said that is not my goal. it is my goal. >> well, first of all, i do believe it is his goal, and i believe it was his goal in 2008 -- megyn: why did he say it wasn't? >> long term. and i don't disagree that it was like an oops moment. i've got to check my notes and check with my people. lars, you know what this is, sweetie. yesterday in four years the lowest amount of unemployment claims filed, oops, we've got to find something quick, we've got an election in november. let's look at what chu said in
1:37 pm
2008. gas prices are high and you know, lars, as a republican you guys are loving that gas prices are high -- >> no, we don't. >> less voters vote for the president in november. >> what? how did -- because they can't drive to the polls? >> no, because you're going to blame him for the high gas prices and even though that's not the reason for the high gas prices. >> megyn, chu's earlier statement from last week was very clear, i want to get america off oil. he didn't say i want to increase the supply, he wants america off oil. the only way to get people off of something generally is to make it cost so much money that they can't afford to use it anymore which has been the consistent message from the energy secretary, the transportation secretary and the president. and here's leslie saying, oh, no, they want prices down. if prices go down on anything, people use more of i. leslie, you need to take some economics. megyn: leslie, does it make sense that a president in an election year would want to see gas prices go up which are a major indicator, they say of
1:38 pm
how, you know, an election is going to go, that's one thing that hits people in their pocketbook and effects elections. >> i have not heard the president say or seen any actions taken that would show that he wants gas prices to go up. yes, that is what chu said in 2008. chu, although working for the president, i don't know if he misspoke, but quite frankly, the president campaigned and has said then as he says now that he wants to reduce and eventually eliminate america's dependency on oil. lars, quite frankly, you know, 75% of americans don't want these subsidies for big oil, but republicans vote for them again and again, and more jobs are created by green and clean energy and -- megyn: hold that thought. hold that thought because i want to ask you because there was a bit of news made just a short time ago on this whole thing, and can it was from republican presidential candidate newt gingrich who had the following
1:39 pm
thoughts. take a listen. >> if he's really serious about helping the american people having seen yesterday's testimony, he will fire secretary chu and get somebody who favors less expensive gasoline. [cheers and applause] megyn: lars? fire? fire the man? i mean, you know, he believes what he believes. >> listen, i know that they still believe this, and i'll tell you there's an answer to the question that you asked leslie that she didn't answer, does he want gasoline prices up? yes. megyn: why would he want that in an election year, lars? >> i'm going to give you a logical argument that even a lawyer like you could appreciate. [laughter] the president just indicated a couple weeks ago and, you know, god bless your. you're one of the good lawyers out there. >> the kind that isn't practicing. [laughter] >> most of them are lousy. the president communicated to america that he's willing to kill a major pipeline project. why? because his most ardent followers do not want that oil in canada used. frankly, they don't want any oil
1:40 pm
used which is exactly what chu said last week. so if president sees high gas prices, it communicates a message to his fervent followers that he is going to kill the internal combustion engine, he's going to get off oil by making it so expensive you can't afford it. that's a positive message for his environmental nut jobs who think the faster we get to $8 gas, the faster we get america off. megyn: who said it last week? [laughter] >> who said which? megyn: i couldn't resist. it's like a who's on first. leslie, quick last word, and i gotta go. >> okay. did you say quickly last word? bottom line, u.s. oil production's at the highest it's ever been. you say drill, baby drill, and oil prices have gone up. you're giving this or any president too much power if you don't think whether it's libya or iran threatening to close the strait of hormuz or so many closures of oil refineries in the u.s. that that doesn't
1:41 pm
contribute to it. megyn: i understand that president obama had some choice words for lars right now on [laughter] not really. thank you both so much. see you soon. we are three minutes away, folks, from exclusive new detail on what is going on with iran's nuclear program and its showdown with israel. our next guest is a former member of iran's elite revolutionary guard. he then went to work for the or cia. he has information on possible targets in america. we are concealing his identity and his location to protect his safety. he will be live with us right after this break. plus, less than 12 hours after president obama said his apology for the quran burnings in afghanistan has calmed things down there, we get word that two more u.s. troops have now been killed. our panel weighs in. and new developments in the case of a murder defendant who says barry white and olivia newton john made him do it.
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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. megyn: new details thousand on iran's nuclear program, its showdown with israel and the potential for fallout for the united states. raza is a pseudonym used by a former cia operative who before he was in the cia was a member of iran's revolutionary guard. he wrote the book, "a time to betray." today he also wrote an article saying that he has confirmed iranian plans to attack u.s. targets if anything happens with iran's nuclear program. he also teaches at the u.s. department of defense's joint counterintelligence academy.
1:46 pm
we are keeping his location a secret to protect his safety. raza, thank you very much for being with us. your concern right now is that iran is planning to attack america within our borders and outside of our borders at least, at a minimum, if israel goes forward with its plan of taking out iran's nuclear facilities. tell us what you know. >> thanks so much for having me. first of all, the leaders in iran have strategized for this day for over the past three decades. their assets have infiltrated our society on many levels, their cells are in place in the u.s. and europe and other places, and they're trying to make sure to send a signal to u.s. that should israel take any action, then targets within america will be hit. former revolutionary guard top commander and the current strategy of the guard and the islamic regime has said that
1:47 pm
over 800 sensitive sites have been identified within the u.s., and those will be attacked. i mean, the past few weeks there's been a lot of information coming out of iran that the feds are are active and that they are determined to attack israel and u.s. even in a preemptive attack. megyn: you're saying over 80 sensitive -- 800 sensitive sits inside u.s. borders have been identified by iran's supreme leader as possible targets for terrorist attacks? >> yes. and the fbi knows that. i mean, the fbi is just holding conference with its field officers recently. they are very concerned about the iranian assets being active in u.s., and they're monitoring it and they're coordinating with the local police. now, the american authorities have known about this for a long time, but they're just now leaking it out to the american
1:48 pm
public. of. megyn: raza, what would you expect iran to be capable of inside u.s. borders? i mean, would we expect to see things like we see inside of israel, you know, bombings at cafés, that kind of thing in. >> well, you see, i've been trying to raise awareness on this for a long time. they have large collaborations with several entities within the u.s. this includes the islamic student association, the muslim brotherhood islamic associations and others. and what they're capable of, they have identified such as your power plants, water supply, food supply, nuclear power plant, bridges and others. and they could concurrently attack several targets within u.s. through their assets to create fear and mayhem. megyn: the conventional wisdom here is that iran would not do such a thing on any large scale because it would understand that it would be obliterated from the
1:49 pm
face of the earth if they unleashed terror on the united states of america. that they could not withstand any counterattack, so they would understand that and not do it. what's the thinking as you know it in response to that? >> well, here's the problem. the problem is that often wars happen due to the miscalculation of one side, and the leaders in iran, the radical leaders of iran are miscalculating america's resolve by the weakness, and these signal thes of weakness on daily basis that's going out of president obama's administration being misinterpreted. they think that america is weak, that global economy is in shambles x this gives them an opportunity to defeat america and israel. so this miscalculation, the very war that president obama wants to avoid, is going to be the very war that we're going to have because the u.s. officials on daily basis are saying war will be disastrous and they're
1:50 pm
not going to take any action against the iranian nuclear program. megyn: i need a quick answer on this. is there anything that can be done at this point to prevent that? >> unfortunately, the administration missed the opportunity to support the uprising in twain. by right -- 2009. right now running against the clock, and we are moving towards war one way or another. megyn: you have an interesting background, raised in iran, educated in america. you saw what it was like over there and decided to come here, join the cia, and we appreciate your expertise and insights on it, sir. thank you, all the best. >> thank you so much for having me. god bless. megyn: wow. well, coming up a town in shock after a high school teacher moves in with a former student less than half his age. wait until you hear why the rest of his story is causing so much outrage in three minutes. don't go away. "why did i roll over my i.r.a. to scottrade?"
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megyn: scandal rocking a california town, a schoolteacher under fire for walking out on his job, his wife and his children and moving in with another child. well, a teenager less than half his age. and did we mention she's a former student of his? trace gallagher has live more from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: and that teenager, 18-year-old jordan powers, has also quit school to move in with her boyfriend, 41-year-old james hooker. the couple says their relationship blossomed during school and after school and while they shared text messages, e-mails and late night phone calls, the teacher says he understands that nobody else understands their relationship, and even though they met when she was 14, nothing physical happened until she was 18. here's the teacher. >> it's, again, one of those things that we didn't look for,
1:55 pm
it just kind of happened. there would be nothing to arrest me on. there was no relationship before she was 18. there's a lot of rumors going on. just be very careful what you're choosing to believe. >> reporter: now, exactly when this relationship began is also now the focus of a police information, and jordan's mom is waging her own campaign on facebook claiming that she has evidence that the physical part of this relationship happened before she was 18 years old, posting a letter on facebook that reads in part, quote: this perverted child molester has three children and a wife, one child is jordan's age and attends the same school s in the same grade. he's been belligerent and arrogant. anyone reading this who happens to be a parent can only imagine the horrifying feeling of a pervert taking your child. other teachers say even if teacher did nothing illegal, he certainly did something unethical against his professional ethics. and by the way, this was this modesto, california, megyn.
1:56 pm
if that rings a bell, it's because it's the home of former congressman gary condit and convicted killer scott peterson. megyn: unbelievable. trace, thank you. unbelievable. apparently there were 8,000 text messages between the two. well, a group of americans held in egypt are now on their way home. but not until we paid over $5 million in what egypt calls bail. and now a top u.s. senator says it will likely fade away. really? and hours after president obama claims his apology to afghanistan calmed things down, two u.s. soldiers are shot dead. over 30 have been killed in the wake of the violence in afghanistan, we are live in kabul with more. and one of the nation's most influential commentators dies at the age of 43. andrew breitbart fierce and fearless. michael reagan had dinner with
1:57 pm
him a week ago. he's with us next hour. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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2:00 pm
megyn: hours after barack obama said his apology to afghanistan has helped quote calm things down, two american soldiers are shot dead on a base in afghanistan. the murder are the latest insider attacks against americans by afghan security forces in an apparent retaliation for an incident where the troops accidental burned korans that u.s. officials believed were being used to pass messages between prisoners. riots broke out. 6u.s. troops have been killed in less than two weeks. the number is triple or more than that in terms of total debt. now the u.n. and afghan president want the american soldiers prosecuted.
2:01 pm
>> reporter: the large-scale protest we have seen in afghanistan the past few days appear to have died down for now. but the violence and anger against the u.s. troops in afghanistan continues. two moimplet s. troops, the third attack. two more american troops were shot and killed today. the details of the attack are still sketchy. but we understand two afghan soldiers and an afghan civilian, early in the morning they picked up weapons and began shooting at u.s. troops. two u.s. troops were killed and a third one was seriously injured. twoch those afghans were shot and killed, a third one, a soldier is in custody. they are trying too to find out what exactly led to the shooting but the working assumption is it was probably connected to the anger over the burning of the
2:02 pm
koran. of the 60u.s. and international troops killed here in afghanistan since the start of the year, 12 of them have been killed by afghan security forces. that's 20% here in afghanistan. the entire strategy rests on u.s. and international forces training afghan security forces. that entire mission is being called into question, megyn. megyn: the apology threatens to be a foreign policy disaster that haunts the foreign policy. at 2:30 two of our top military strategists will join us with more on that. an effort to cut funding for a soccer field at guantanamo bay. the legislation withholds the
2:03 pm
$750,000 from the defense department budget. that's how much they say the pentagon spends on things like the soccer field for detainees. catherine herridge putting that number on it in her reporting live from gitmo. a fox news weather alert. a new round of storms has its sights set on the south and the midwest threatening to bring even more devastation to the storm-ravaged areas tomorrow. a tornado nearly wiped out harrisburg, illinois. amazing stories of survival as people reflect on the terrifying moments before the twisters hit. >> it was terrifying. i had never been through anything like this. it did sounds like a train coming through the living room. >> had this been 10:00 in the morning the death toll could
2:04 pm
have bench higher. >> i grabbed my wife, we got halfway through the room and the sliding glass door flew through. we tried to get to the bathroom and get a mattress out of us. we decided to get out of there. it was so hectic and happened so fast. we were very, very fortunate. megyn: damage assessments being conducted in several areas. a fox news alert. a group of americans held in egypt are on a plane heading out of cairo. the travel ban against them has been lifted. for a price. egypt asking for $300,000 in bail for each person. the money was provided we are told by each of the defendant, non-governmental organization employers. the americans included the son of transportation secretary ray lahood. they worked at non-profit groups promoting democracy in egypt.
2:05 pm
they have been accused of stirring up anti-government unrest with illegal foreign funds. the u.s. threatened to cut off a billion in aid. so did egypt just get a reward for essentially holding them hostage? freedom house, one of the groups that was targeted. he had several colleagues charged in egypt. welcome back to the program. your reaction to this news that the americans have been allowed to leave at last. >> first of all i'm thankful they have been allowed to leave and will no longer face prosecution under what has become a very political case in egypt. i hope it's a welcome first step towards a more comprehensive resolution to this problem. megyn: what do you make of the money, the $300,000.
2:06 pm
it feels to many like a ransom these employers had to pay to get these people back owfnlt s. soil. >> it's a high price to pay for a prosecution that should never have taken place. the egyptian authorities refer to it as bail. megyn: does its encourage bad behavior when they told these americans for no legitimate reason. and we give them a payoff of $5 million the richer for their actions. >> i don't think we have heard the last of the story. if the egyptian aid is still in question because of the certification requirement the administration has to deal with next month. is egypt making progress towards a democratic transition? that would be difficult to certify. so there will be a lot of questions on this entire thing going forward. we are worried about what effect
2:07 pm
it will have on other regimes. megyn: any chance egypt wise up $5 million short in the coming year? >> congress is watching this closely to see how it plays outgoing forward. megyn: should americans be relieved that our american citizens are on their way home safe and sound. that this was heading into an international cry sells that had a lot of dangerous consequences attached to it if one side didn't blink. >> i think that right. people should be happy the americans are headed home. they should remember there are dozens of egyptians, including four of my staff who still face prosecution. the charges haven't been dropped. our offices are still closed. property that was provided by the american taxpayers' dollar still has been confiscated and
2:08 pm
we can't operate. many egyptian organizations are under threat of prosecution if this rolls on. it's a troubling side for someone who is suppose to be an ally. melling * are you determined to face the charges against you? >> we have been in contact with our legal organization. we want to see our egyptian employees get out of jeopardy. megyn: you have been talking to the misses again. >> i certainly have. megyn: good man. thank you, charles. on his initial appearance he said wanted to go back over there to answer the charges, i asked him whether his wife supported that. she said i don't think so, charles. the battle for 2012 intensifies. this showdown is between the obama reelection campaign and two private citizens. team obama just took a fresh shot at two conservative businessmen and their political
2:09 pm
organizations. the campaign of our president is making two private citizens apparently target number one. is that fair game? is it consistent with the dignity of the office? the two private citizens don't think so. in three minutes their response here live in a fox news exclusive. plus lawyers are asking a judge for a mistrial in the case of a defendant who admits he committed murder. but says barry white and olivia newton john made him do it. >> i don't care, affair or no affair. who kills someone else's husband. ? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: bank of america is trying to impose new fees.
2:13 pm
now customers who don't bank online or maintain a minimum balance could be slapped with fees up to $25 a month. bank of america says it's just testing these fees. no decisions will be made until the results of those tests are evaluated. fox news alert. brand-new reaction president obama's reelection campaign takes a shot at two people who happen to be private citizens. team obama double down. its attacks on the koch brothers. they claim their conservative advocacy group is faking its grass roots support and funding. the letter from mr. obama's campaign manager reads in part, you argue you are a grassroots
2:14 pm
effort and it efforts of blocking a clean energy economy ... nancy is a koch family spokesman. you on behalf of the koch family, they are about to fire back at mr. merks ssina. first let me get a big picture from you on your thoughts on president obama's campaign directly going after two private citizens who happen to oppose him. >> i think it's downright frightening. every one should be paying attention to what's going on. unless you go back to richard
2:15 pm
knicks sonon where you -- richard nixon single out and go after private citizens who happens to disagree with his philosophy. that's what's going on here. it's been a pattern that goes back at least to august of 2010 and it's escalating right now. megyn: there is no question the koch brothers are not fans of mr. barack obama's policies. that's true of half the country. it's behind the scenes. are these men in disbelief that they have found themselves personally singled out by the president and his reelection team? >> we have always known the powers of government can be abused and i think this is a shock level of abuse. charles and david koch * have had a consistent philosophy for
2:16 pm
50 years. they have been in favor of the free market whether it's a republican or democrat in the white house. charles koch wrote a book in twech. what's -- a book in 2007. i think what's remarkable is they have gone after them in paid advertisements, and each time the allegations are false and misleading. first they implied that the company was foreign owned. it's headquartered in wichita, kansas. false. second, a claim that the company was set up top avoid paying income taxes and didn't pay income taxes. false. thirdly they claimed as a political payoff in wisconsin, when were going to buy defunct power plans. false. then we have the keystone
2:17 pm
pipeline fiasco where they claim we have some financial interest tonight. false. then you have the president's campaign and the president himself tweeting last night to imply that charles and david raised $200 million to oppose him. false. megyn: they came out and said to in this letter to the koch brothers. there is no campaign in the country that believes more in the active participation of americans than this one. but when you attempt to drown out their voices through unlimited secret contributions to pursue special interest agendas that conflict with what's best for our nations, he writes you must expect some scriewt of any your actions. >> let's start with the hypocrisy. the president and his campaign are supposed -- supported by organizations that are 501c4. it means that donors privacy is protected. so his side is -- also has 501c4
2:18 pm
organizations. secondly after you see the campaign that the obama administration has waged against charles and david koch * who are able to defend themselves, why would you want to release the names of other people who do not agree with the obama agenda? megyn: you think there will be retaliation against them. >> i would say past is prologue, you can count on it. megyn: the president of public affairs of the koch company, he writes in the response going out to the obama campaign that it's inappropriate and beneath the office of the president to denounce a company like ours that employs 50,000 people in the united states, to malign its owners and harass our efforts to speak out. do you think, this is beneath the office of the president? >> completely.
2:19 pm
i don't think there is any question. that's why i think you have seen some middle of the road publications come out and say this is really pretty frightening behavior. we are all for robust public policy debate. but it should be civil, we are in a situation whereas charles and david koch have made public that during the course of some of these attacks and these false allegation we have seen death threats and threats of violence against our facility that employs 46,000 americans across this country. there is a price we all pay when someone like the president of the united states sets the standard this low and frankly they have got all of the power on their side because they can use the power of government to persecute and prosecute. megyn: you hear very little about this, about the obama campaign going after the koch
2:20 pm
brothers. there is a question about what would have happened if president bush had gone after george soros in this way. we are taking your thoughts on twitter. we'll circulate some of those responses at the end of the hour. does this concern you or is it fair game? to inject yourself into the political process with donations or otherswise. president obama telling a major news network that his apology for the burning of korans in afghanistan has quote calmed things down there. less than 12 hours later after he made those comments, two more american soldiers were shot dead on a u.s. base there. two of our top military contributors will debate this subject. plus the new call from the united nations to have u.s. soldiers prosecuted. plus pythons wreaking havoc on the florida everglades.
2:21 pm
now a group of brave dogs are hunting them down. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder whaother questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choo prego. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said,
2:23 pm
"look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
2:24 pm
megyn: we want to update you on an effort to amended a controversial policy in the healthcare law. the senate narrowly shutting down the blunt amendment. it would have allowed employers
2:25 pm
to refuse to pay for contraceptives on religious or moral grounds. up wildlife conservation in florida going to the dogs. ecodogs are being used to locate burmese pythons running rampant in the ever glades. we have been tell you about the problem with the snakes. i know our viewers will be worried about the dogs. >> reporter: they keep these dogs a safe distance once they find the snakes. the dogs are to discover the snakes then sit down five meters away from the burmese pythons which have been invading the everglades posing a serious threat. they have become a serious threat to bird and ma'amals
2:26 pm
after being released into the ever blades by irresponsible owners. dogs have been able to sniff out the pythons in places humans overlook. >> the dog was telling us the snake was here. it turned out the snake was i've level six feet off the tree. >> reporter: he located 14 burmese pythons including this 52-pound female. dogs can detect fungus in tree roots, or locate nuisance animals as they did in the everglades. the dogs were able to find snakes two times faster than their human counter parts. so when it comes to battling an
2:27 pm
environmental enemy it appears humans may get a little help in the future from their best friend. megyn: a severe weather threat for parts of the midwest hit hard by tornadoes. look at way door. the area in the danger zone. a round of storms on the way and this system has the potential for even more damage. also, the deadly violence against americans continues in afghanistan. now the white house is defending the president's comments that things are calming down in the wake of his apology. where do we go from here? a lot of developments on this story out of afghanistan today. >> after such a disciplinary action international military forces would be able to say, yes, we are sincere. ereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy.
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ew. seriously? so gross. ew. seriously? that is so gross. ew. seriously? dude that is so totally gross. so gross...i know. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. megyn: fox news alert. a new reaction to our top story. two more american soldiers murdered by a member of the afghan security forces right on the growfneds a u.s. military base. it happened hours after president obama claimed his apology to president karzai for the koran burning had smoothed things over. >> it's a personal thing for our troops in terms of the burning of the core rans. and you did apologize. >> the reason it was important
2:32 pm
is the same reason the commander on the ground commander allen apologized. that is to save lives. and to make sure our troops were there right now are not placed in further danger. >> do you think it's hard to tell. >> it calmed things down. we are not out of the woods yet. megyn: joining me colonel bill cowan and ralph peters. thank you both for being here. colonel cowan, let me start with you. he did add, we are not out of the woods yet. some folks are up in arms that there has been violence since his apology. it does not mean there would not have been more violence head not apologized. >> we are dealing with a culture that is often irrational, prone
2:33 pm
to emotional outbursts and it's hard to say at this point that we calmed things down when demonstrations continue. the lives of two more americans lost recently. we had to pill everybody out of our ministries to make sure there were no more americans killed in the ministries. we are not out of the woods and a large part of it goes back to the way we apologized. there are ways to do it and not to do it. to come with your head bowed, slip a letter to president karzai versus standing up, speaking to the afghan people, admitting we made a mistake. and saying we are going to make sure these kinds of things don't happen in the future. two different ways to apology. the hat in hand method isn't working. megyn: you both warned that it could be seen as a sign of weakness, as a sign of an admission that we did something
2:34 pm
wrong intentionally and could be exploited. do you feel that's happening? >> i certainly do. this rush to apologize for anything the taliban and radical afghans don't like is crazy. general allen -- he shouldn't have apologized. he should have explained. and he should have explained that taliban terrorists defaced the korans by writing secret messages in them. when the president of the united states rushes to apologize to terrorists and extremists, you know we are losing it's a sat situation because the administration is trying desperately to kick the afghans and the iranian cans down the road past the november elections. but what we saw this past 10 days with these deadly riots. the cold blood assassinations of
2:35 pm
american service members, this is the week that obama's afghan policy got naked and the body is ugly and riddling with disease. megyn: i don't think any of us sitting here are doubts about at about president obama's desire to protect americans lives. it's a question of whether the right decisions were made is a separate question. i want to ask you what you think about this guy from the u.n., i don't know what his motivation is. we see -- we see what we see in the streets afghanistan. 30 people have been killed in the wake of these koran burnings including several american soldiers. rather than standing by america or keeping his mouth shut, this is the assistant to ban ki-moon. rather than keeping his mouth shut and adding fuel to the fire
2:36 pm
he says this. >> my only indeed request is that after the first step, very important step, profound apology, there must be the second step, drawing the consensus after the investigation will be completed. and indeed appropriate disciplinary action. only after such a disciplinary action, the international military forces would be able to say yes, we are sincere. megyn: he went on to say we weren't the ones who desecrated the holy koran. we profoundly and deeply respect islam. we were deeply hurt they allowed the desecration and it doesn't matter it's a mistake. >> outrageous that he would have anything to say, and indeed he did nothing more than fuel the fire for those radicals who are already outraged in what
2:37 pm
happened. you know, we hear these kinds of things. you didn't hear him talking about the taliban atrocity throughout the country. 75% of the people killed are killed by the taliban. you don't hear him making complaints about that. for him to tell us how to do our business, we don't need to hear from him. megyn: ... >> i'm so disheartened by the countless similarities to vietnam with one exception. and that is vietnam had some strategic rationale. i just care about our troops. generals don't want to admit this isn't working. and sheer apathy -- soldiers and marines, navy corpsmen are being killed and maimed every day.
2:38 pm
engine allen tells them you have to respect afghan culture. what culture is there to respect. it's barbaric and degeneral rat and murderous. the abuse of little boys is just widely says. it's not a healthy culture it, not equal of our civilization. our troops deserve a better deal than to be told to respect afghan culture to get yourself killed or maimed by people who don't want us there. megyn: we continue to take your thoughts on it. follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. this is a sad day for a lot of people here as one of the nation's most influential commentators dies too young at age 43. andrew breitbart being remembered as fierce and fearless. michael reagan had dinner with him a week ago and he joins us
2:39 pm
with his thoughts. two iconic singers with something bizarre in common. how olivia newton john and barry white both find themselves in the center of a murder trial. "kelly's court" is next. eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... just got better. now with even more of the vitamins your body needs. like vitamin d. plus omega 3's. there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed: better taste. [ female announcer ] eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. the beer egg.
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megyn: the only u.s. car company that didn't take a bailout. ford says its sales rows 14% in february. a big reason for the success is a strong demands for its focus compact car. it says sales much other models declined. chrysler sales also jumped with solid gains for its brand. motion for a mistrial denied.
2:43 pm
defense attorneys asking a judge to declare a mistrial for their client. this guise accused of killing his alleged girlfriend's husband. the alleged girlfriend said she never had affair. there is testified to suggest that not true. nonetheless this man is on trial for killing his alleged girlfriend's husband. he says i did do it. i killed him, by was nuts when i did. i was visited by the ghost of barry white and olivia newton john, by a demon who looked just like barry and another demon who looked just like olivia. >> reporter: so he killed the husband but he did it when he was insane. now we have conflicting testimony from psychiatrists. the prosecutors says that she does not find any sign that
2:44 pm
newman is delusional. but he shows signs of psychosis. so she can't tell if the affair ever happened. he says he saw snider naked during a business trip and they had sex. he said he was david and she was bathshebba. now another forensic psychiatrist for the defense says newman was in fact delusional. >> his belief was that he was having more than an affair with andrea snyder. he believed he was the father of her children, and that his children were in danger, that's where this rescue delusion comes in. >> reporter: a former key piece of evidence comes from a former best friend of andrea snyder who said she called this friend and said my husband was
2:45 pm
shot, he's on his way to the hospital. but andrea snyder told police she didn't find out about the shooting until her husband got to the hospital. after court she walked up to that former best friend and said, well, now i have to do what i have to do. the friend took that as a threat. and the defense as you said in the intro called for a mistrial. the judge said no way. no sign of barry white or olivia new stop john in this testimony the past couple days. megyn: they are in the middle of a murder trial. just their demons as he puts it. time for "kelly's court." joining me to discuss the case, lis weihl and mark eiglarsh. here there are again. talking about the demon that looked like barry white and deet man that looked like olivia newton john.
2:46 pm
the defense has found an expert to come in that he did it but he's nuts. >> doctors are paid by defense lawyers and they will say things. the prosecution's own witness said he had demons and fantasies. so that doctor wasn't even completely sure he wasn't legally insane at the time. but now the defense has got to go with this. they have to say he wasn't sizing this whole time. he wasn't size being this woman' he was caught up in that froth of fantasy and couple that with all these demons coming to him telling him to go and kill this man, that's what made him do it. and at the time he was legally insane and didn't know right from wrong. megyn: it seems to be a two-fold offense. olivia newton john and barry white made me do it. and i come from a terrible upbringing. they put his sister on the
2:47 pm
stand. >> the terrible upbringing is to evoke sympathy from the jury which is i suffered from a mental illness at the time and thus i didn't know right from wrong. barry white or whoever else they want to bring in is not the issue. the issue is the facts as they are known. this guy executed this murder better than the best professionals. cops thought it was a professional hit. as i sit here i know two things with certainty. the ymca dance is harder to do in chinese and this insanity defense will not work. megyn: i don't think any of us are bleeding hearts when it comes to criminal cases. but this what is the sister of the defendant testified to. he had a difficult childhood. an abusive father. this is the father of the witness and the defendant. their father used to shove
2:48 pm
vegetable soup down their nose. he used to kick and slap them. he pulled a painting off the wall and beat her with it they never knew how he was going to react. now the defendant is crying. so is there a chance gnat the jury will say, poor hemmy? >> i don't think so. but if you bring all these things together. some of this family members died in auschwitz. all of these happened when he was very, very young. the fantasies about this woman and the depression that he was depressed about money and all these other things. that's what they will have to argue. will it win at the end of the day? i don't think so because jurors don't usually like an insanity defense to begin with. the legal question is did he know right from wrong snow was wearing a disguise when he went there and ran off in a getaway car. >> most of the clients i defend
2:49 pm
have had troubled childhoods. what they are asking the jury to do is understand my client committed this horrific offense and we are going to want you to excuse that. we want him to go to a little hospital. but keep in mind the victim as you slaughtered as he dropped his 2-year-old off sat school. the facts in this case really hurt. megyn: do you think the olivia newton john-barry white defense is they picked something so outland dish they want the -- outlandish they want the jurors to say he must be nuts? >> maybe it is true, i don't know. but the issue is not whether he was diseased but whether he knew right from wrong. he disappeared from the scene quickly. he knew to wear a hoodie. >> the demons are key to the
2:50 pm
defense. i had a horrible childhood and had fantasies about this woman. that's not enough to sway anybody. megyn: it's a shock headline that may stick in the heads of the jury panel. coming up an influential voice silenced. andrew breitbart is dead today at the age of 43. just two days ago the son of a former president spent time with him. in 3 minutes michael reagan will share his thoughts and memories of andrew breitbart.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
megyn: the sudden death of andrew breitbart, the conservative publish and fire
2:54 pm
brand died today at age of 43 of natural cause. here is rush limbaugh from this show earlier today. >> breitbart was outside himself in all of his quests. which say indefat gibl, i never heard of him sleeping. i know he did by was constantly on the go. he was also a grateful guy and very thoughtful. he was a guest at our wedding in 2010. two months prior he sent cookie a note want to go know if she knew who one of my most inspirational figures was. he presented us with a classic painting of ronald reagan. and every year since, every birthday, three birthdays, he sent me a giant painting, a different rendering of the american flag. it's a very sad thing to see
2:55 pm
this happen. megyn: that's how a lot of folks feel today. michael ray began is chairman of the ray began group. i now were friend with andrew as was i. it's a sad day for all of us. rush touched on something, breitbart's and rush's for your dad and how breitbart did stand up for a lot of conservative principles. >> he was a fire brand and true patriot. so many people didn't see that side of him. he had great fun tweeting and what have you. they didn't see the softer caring side. if he gave you his word, it was his word, it was his bond. the other night when we were together, gosh, my partners were talking to him all day yesterday about some things we are doing. it's interesting -- what we were talking about, we were talking
2:56 pm
about the fact that he was adopted. i was adopted. talking about his father-in-law growing up in the same neighborhood i grew up in. his kids went to the same school i went to. we were talking about all those kinds of things an was interested to know about my life growing up because his kids were growing up in that same life. and it was just something really was -- he was alive about life and so excited about anything and everything he ever did. he didn't sleep that much. but when he did sleep he was excited about it. megyn: michael, thank you for your thoughts today. we are taking your thoughts on it as well. remembering andrew. our thoughts and prayers go out to the breitbart family. thank you all for joining us today. coming up after the break, "studio b" with shepard smith. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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